The Life and Times of Dan Knapp Vol. 2

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This is a blog about my life. I’ve gone through some things that are hard to explain; some are hard to imagine without going through them yourself. I thought this would be a good place to share some of my experiences, so hopefully you may learn from my past mistakes, and/or enjoy laughing at some of my failed experiences. 

There is a reason this Blog is titled The Life and Times Vol. 2. Vol. 1 of my life is filled with mistakes, some funny, some not so funny, some just plain idiotic. I can pretty much guarantee there will be at least one or two times you will think to yourself, “Seriously, how can anyone be this dumb?” But hopefully, there will be some other times where you will say to yourself, “I could never imagine what that would be like.” 

So, if you care to, (and you are still reading) sit back, and relax. This is a journey I hope we can enjoy together.